Pokéwalker Challenge Update #1

It’s been nearly two weeks since I started carrying a pokéwalker around with me, and I think I’ve been doing a better job at forcing myself out of the house, taking longer routes and exploring this town I’ve lived in for 9 months. I’m now at the point where I need over 2000 steps per level, and while I’m averaging about 5000 steps a day, this is the part that I’m most worried about. If Snorlax isn’t levelling every time I connect to the DS, will that kill my interest? We’ll see. If you fancy seeing the stats so far, I’m keeping a Google Doc updated. It’s also pinned on my Twitter if you want to keep an eye on it and hurl abuse/encouragement my way.

Cool things I’ve found out because of Snorlax:

  • Toys “R” Us continues to have a shit amiibo selection.
  • Boonies Tesco has an amazing world foods aisle and I might just go there from now on.
  • Finding a thing on a map and walking to it is kind of fun.
  • Carrying my DS with me while Snorlax was low-levelled was sensible as it made the best use of my steps.

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A Pokéwalker Challenge

I don’t really get that much exercise. I have a desk job, and when I’m not there I’m likely sat at my desk at home, moving occasionally when the kettle needs boiling. On top of not being active, I don’t really eat that well, either. I love my junk food, and honestly, I don’t really care that much about my body size and what other people think about it. If stuffing my face full of Doritos and Mountain Dew continued to feel like a good thing to do, then there’s not a lot out there that can stop me.

So when I look at cutting out all the terrible foods and actually doing some exercise, it’s pretty easy for me to just laugh to myself and carry on as I am. Don’t get me wrong, I’d certainly prefer to be fit and all, but I’m also pretty okay with how things are.

That said, there’s obviously a point to this blog post that isn’t just “I’m fat and that’s okay”. I’ve been thinking about ways to shake things up in a way that won’t put me off healthy eating and exercise after a few days trying to stick to it, so on Monday I made a few changes. I’m not going to go into most of those changes right now, but I will talk about a certain part of it. There are a few ways I’m trying to do exercise on the regular without burning myself out and never doing it again, and of course, video games are involved.

I’m going to raise a pokémon from level 1 to level 100 by walking.

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When is a collection considered large?


Recently I’ve been buying boosters for the most recent Pokémon set, which features a mix of old and new critters including those only found in the X&Y games. This is a strange habit of mine, as I wouldn’t call myself a massive fan of the card game, nor a collector of it. I mean, it’s fun enough, but I prefer Magic: The Gathering, a different card game that better entertains my sporadic interests.

Going back to Pokémon, I think the reason I keep buying the cards is down to my noticeably cloudy nostalgia goggles. I’ll admit, there’s nothing quite like tearing apart a booster pack of cards and sifting through the spoils, but were it not for my ten year old self and his playground obsession with them, I doubt I’d be able to get past the £3.50 asking price.

I’ve done something terrible recently and given myself a reason to indulge in my Pokémon card habit. That’s something I’ll go into in a later post, but in the meantime, this ‘project’ led me onto eBay. I figured that I’d take a look at what card bundles were ending soon, hoping to grab myself a bargain. I found this, with about half an hour to go:

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