Japan, annotated.

I’ve wanted to write something about the Japan trip for a little while now, but there’s not really much to say that the above video doesn’t. However, there’s a few things that happen in the video that aren’t explained or don’t appear too clearly, so I figured I’d usher away my Japan withdrawal symptoms by writing a little about what’s going on.

Yeah basically I’m giving myself an excuse to run through the video again send help.

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The failed timing of the Game Boy Micro

The Game Boy Advance was the 32-bit leap for Nintendo’s flourishing handheld business, bringing the graphics of the Super Nintendo to gamers on the go. While the Game Boy Colour had a substantial library of games that weren’t painted in green and black tones, it was the Advance’s palette that truly brought vibrant worlds to a portable system. It was also a departure from the previous blocky handheld design, with a curvaceous and wide look that screamed “this is the future!”. Indeed it was, as the Advance made a memorable impact on the gaming world, shifting over 80 million consoles during its seven year lifetime. The handheld market proved that it could continue to thrive without a blockbuster game like Tetris helping to sell the units, and so long as they weren’t battling with sun glare, people were loving it.

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