It’s finally cheaper to buy digitally on consoles

At least, that’s the case when it comes to importing games from countries outside the EU. A charge of £18.92 was ‘incurred’ when I imported a copy of J-Stars Victory Vs. from Japan for the PS3, adding to the 10,057 yen I’d already spent on it. This is a pretty hefty amount of money regardless of the customs charge, coming in at about £58, mostly because Japanese game software prices suck and I also decided to go for the anisong version of the game.

Yes, one way or another, I’ve spent about £77 on a game that is due to arrive over two weeks after release. My game has spent over a week of this sat in the customs office. It’s 7,980 yen on the Japanese PSN store, so buying it there would have given me a saving of over 2,000 yen on the software alone, let alone the fees from customs. Sure, this wouldn’t be the anisong version of the game, but considering there’s the option to import custom music (in other words, import all those anime openings because why wouldn’t you?) this isn’t such a huge deal.

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