American Chocolate and Blow a Kiss Katie

A few months ago, myself and a friend discovered a Tesco Extra a good 40-50 minutes away from my house. We’d been walking around aimlessly, as is tradition in Reading, when we stumbled upon it. We didn’t need to get anything at the time, so we carried on past it and wandered elsewhere.

On one of my first walks with Snorlax, I decided to find a distant place on a map and walk there. Walking around by yourself without a goal in mind is tougher than it seems, so I picked the Tesco. It was close to an hour from where I was at the time, so it seemed like a reasonable location to walk to.

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When is a collection considered large?


Recently I’ve been buying boosters for the most recent Pokémon set, which features a mix of old and new critters including those only found in the X&Y games. This is a strange habit of mine, as I wouldn’t call myself a massive fan of the card game, nor a collector of it. I mean, it’s fun enough, but I prefer Magic: The Gathering, a different card game that better entertains my sporadic interests.

Going back to Pokémon, I think the reason I keep buying the cards is down to my noticeably cloudy nostalgia goggles. I’ll admit, there’s nothing quite like tearing apart a booster pack of cards and sifting through the spoils, but were it not for my ten year old self and his playground obsession with them, I doubt I’d be able to get past the £3.50 asking price.

I’ve done something terrible recently and given myself a reason to indulge in my Pokémon card habit. That’s something I’ll go into in a later post, but in the meantime, this ‘project’ led me onto eBay. I figured that I’d take a look at what card bundles were ending soon, hoping to grab myself a bargain. I found this, with about half an hour to go:

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