Surviving Extra Life 2015

I think I became aware of Extra Life two years ago. At the time, I was happy enough watching people play video games on the Internet, and watching people go from being overly enthusiastic to fighting off sleep was an entertaining bonus. The idea of running our own Extra Life stream wasn’t really floated around until after the 2014 Extra Life, and as is the case with most events that are a year away, a Trello board was made for planning.

There were more than a handful of ideas that never made it into our stream. For example, we were planning to play a bunch of board games on the stream, as it’s allowed by both Twitch and Extra Life. We played some Cards Against Humanity and a little Who Want’s to be a Millionaire? on our test stream back in April, but there was just too much downtime with people going for food and messing around with cameras for it to really be worth it.

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The Grand Search for Wi-Fi

I decided the other day that I would go and see the new Avengers movie. The first film was great fun, and I’d thus far managed to avoid any trailers, character lists or spoilers. All the more reason to go and see it early, right? Nothing like being able to browse social media in complete confidence, but I suppose that’s going to remain a pipe dream until I’ve caught up with the current season of Game of Thrones.

My ticket was booked at home, but I needed to head to the cinema pretty sharpish if I was going to get there in time. I realised that I’d only be missing a few adverts if I was late, but I’d paid for those adverts and I’m damn well going to get my money’s worth.

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American Chocolate and Blow a Kiss Katie

A few months ago, myself and a friend discovered a Tesco Extra a good 40-50 minutes away from my house. We’d been walking around aimlessly, as is tradition in Reading, when we stumbled upon it. We didn’t need to get anything at the time, so we carried on past it and wandered elsewhere.

On one of my first walks with Snorlax, I decided to find a distant place on a map and walk there. Walking around by yourself without a goal in mind is tougher than it seems, so I picked the Tesco. It was close to an hour from where I was at the time, so it seemed like a reasonable location to walk to.

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Japan, annotated.

I’ve wanted to write something about the Japan trip for a little while now, but there’s not really much to say that the above video doesn’t. However, there’s a few things that happen in the video that aren’t explained or don’t appear too clearly, so I figured I’d usher away my Japan withdrawal symptoms by writing a little about what’s going on.

Yeah basically I’m giving myself an excuse to run through the video again send help.

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Being scared on a roller coaster

After hearing Vinny talk about roller coasters on the latest Bombcast, I was reminded of my own terrifying experience. For the record, I love riding roller coasters, to the point where they’re usually the rides I head to first when at a theme park. This particular experience happened back in 2005, when I was in Florida.

We were on holiday for two weeks, doing all of the theme parks you can think of in and around Orlando. At this point we’d done Universal Studios, some of the Disney parks and Discovery Cove, and we were now heading to Seaworld. Most people are coming here to see the killer whales and the other marine life on show, but come on, it’s all about the roller coasters! Seaworld may not have been jammed full of rides like most of the other places we’d been, but it was home to the intimidating Kraken.

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