2020: A Year In Review

I had such a shit 2019 that it’s hard to be too sad about this waste of a year. It’s terrible, obviously, but I’m very grateful that my family has dodged the virus, and some have even had their first vaccination jabs against it. There’s a lot I would have like to have done, but with any luck we can make up for some lost time towards the end of next year.

Anyway, there’s nothing I can say about the virus that you haven’t already heard, so that’s enough of that. Here’s my usual rundown of the year, mostly for me to read in five years time when I’ve forgotten all of it. Woo!

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2019: A Year In Review

2019 was, for the most part, a heck of a year. Selfishly put aside all the things happening in the country that I disagreed with and yeah, I did a bunch of things I enjoyed the heck out of. Of course, even with that stick-your-head-in-the-sand approach to looking back at the year, 2019 made sure there was no doubt this is worst decade I’ll have to live through. To summarise briefly: fuck cancer.

Anyway, that’s the doom and gloom for the post so let’s get onto the neater things~

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2017: A Year In Review

2016 might have been a complete dumpster fire, but at least… nah, 2017 was pretty bad too. A smaller dumpster fire, perhaps.

On a personal level, it’s been quite a good year. There may not have been a big Japan trip this time, but I can be happy with my improving health (save for, like, the SUPER COLD that’s been destroying me for the past week or two) and a handful of other things. I made a list!

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The failed timing of the Game Boy Micro

The Game Boy Advance was the 32-bit leap for Nintendo’s flourishing handheld business, bringing the graphics of the Super Nintendo to gamers on the go. While the Game Boy Colour had a substantial library of games that weren’t painted in green and black tones, it was the Advance’s palette that truly brought vibrant worlds to a portable system. It was also a departure from the previous blocky handheld design, with a curvaceous and wide look that screamed “this is the future!”. Indeed it was, as the Advance made a memorable impact on the gaming world, shifting over 80 million consoles during its seven year lifetime. The handheld market proved that it could continue to thrive without a blockbuster game like Tetris helping to sell the units, and so long as they weren’t battling with sun glare, people were loving it.

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Stop putting spoilers in anime openings!

Spoilers suck. They’re absolutely no fun irrespective of the medium, especially if you’ve had an invested interest for a considerable amount of time. Many of my Twitter followers complain about Game of Thrones spoilers when that airs, and while I’ve not seen that show in particular, it’s understandable how infuriating it is to have a surprise taken away from you. In cases similar to Game of Thrones, it’s also unfortunate for those working on the show, as their hard work alluding to events and creating mystery will be made redundant.

You’re god damn right.

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When is a collection considered large?


Recently I’ve been buying boosters for the most recent Pokémon set, which features a mix of old and new critters including those only found in the X&Y games. This is a strange habit of mine, as I wouldn’t call myself a massive fan of the card game, nor a collector of it. I mean, it’s fun enough, but I prefer Magic: The Gathering, a different card game that better entertains my sporadic interests.

Going back to Pokémon, I think the reason I keep buying the cards is down to my noticeably cloudy nostalgia goggles. I’ll admit, there’s nothing quite like tearing apart a booster pack of cards and sifting through the spoils, but were it not for my ten year old self and his playground obsession with them, I doubt I’d be able to get past the £3.50 asking price.

I’ve done something terrible recently and given myself a reason to indulge in my Pokémon card habit. That’s something I’ll go into in a later post, but in the meantime, this ‘project’ led me onto eBay. I figured that I’d take a look at what card bundles were ending soon, hoping to grab myself a bargain. I found this, with about half an hour to go:

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