Japan, annotated.

I’ve wanted to write something about the Japan trip for a little while now, but there’s not really much to say that the above video doesn’t. However, there’s a few things that happen in the video that aren’t explained or don’t appear too clearly, so I figured I’d usher away my Japan withdrawal symptoms by writing a little about what’s going on.

Yeah basically I’m giving myself an excuse to run through the video again send help.

0:26 – Destiny beta. Of course Nathan had to bring his PS4 over for one more day of Destiny before we flew off to Japan.

0:35 – You might notice that the fan is on and ruining the audio up until the morning. This was in the middle of a heatwave, and unfortunately I have one of those houses that is either really hot or really cold.

1:07 – It was! Though it was some isotonic drink instead of the original formula.


5:23 – First world Streetpass problems.

6:03 – We found out after we got back that this drink is called Kvass. It’s made from fermented rye bread and tastes just like you might imagine that would.

7:50 – I was still figuring out how best to use the GoPro, so most shots have my stomach in them as I was holding it by my side. Fish eye lens is a bit of a pain.

8:44 – Ponta is a monster from some doujin film that was on sale. He had his genitalia a tiny dong modelled onto the suit, which is why we were all laughing.

10:07 – It’s hard to see it, but Iain spilled the drink down himself for dramatic effect.

11:42 – Iain is an Aikatsu expert.

12:57 – Very happy to find this Kaiji-themed fruit machine. Not that I had any idea what I was doing.

15:17 – Date Masamune’s armour. Well, an imitation of it.

16:30 – We weren’t really lost, we just managed to get on the train going in the opposite direction!

16:47 – I basically put this clip in for the announcements.

19:27 – You can’t see it too well in the video, but there was one of those pictures on the floor that only makes sense when viewed from a particular angle.

20:02 – You might be able to hear Yoshiki Fukuyama’s Makka na Chikai, the opening to Busou Renkin, in the background. This place only played anime music.

21:51 – ‘Inspection’ was misspelled ‘Insupection’. Also it’s kinda hard to tell where we are as I didn’t take any footage of it beyond this, but we were heading up to the observation deck of the government buildings in Shinjuku. It’s free to get up there, but there might be a short queue and they’ll probably check your bags.

23:31 – There was quite some effort to figure out the name of this ramen shop before we arrived. It was a favourite of ours on the 2011 trip, but given none of us could read katakana/hiragana at the time, we didn’t know its name. We figured it out in the end, but it kind of didn’t matter as we found it pretty quickly when we went searching for food.

24:04 – I was pretty excited about the guy with all the flags, as I keep mentioning. One of the big screens was running a top 10 songs of the week or similar, with AKB48 and various offshoots making up the majority of the list. As Nick mentions, they also took the number one spot.

25:00 – The shop had a big picture of Paris Hilton with a signature board next to it. There was also a Justin Bieber billboard opposite the pet shop and basically it was the worst place in Shibuya.

25:58 – If you match the numbers you usually win an extra drink, though on some occasions a small can will pop out with a t-shirt stuffed inside it. It seems to depend on the vending machine company, though we’ve never seen it happen in person.

27:27 – Nathan had been trying to catch an Yveltal or a Xerneas for most of the trip up to this point. He finally succeeds, though it basically ruined the game for him afterwards as his save data basically prevented him from finding anything else that was good!

28:22 – Adam is a Pepsi ambassador.

28:55 – The Yokohama Pokémon Center would be the first of three we’d visit on this trip.

29:46 – This is where I won Fred Durst. Fred Durst is a Torchic with attitude.

30:08 – This is the biggest regret I have of the entire holiday. I forgot to charge the GoPro and I didn’t have a USB Mini cable on me. The battery died shortly after this shot and I didn’t get to film Enoshima, perhaps one of the most apt places to film in the entire trip. Also you’d have been able to see Iain and Alex in their skivvies. I’ll give you the low down:

  • Hella stairs
  • Hella birds
  • Hella sea roaches
  • Octopus crackers
  • A band on a beach
  • Iain and Alex swimming in their underpants
  • Announcements that made it sound like Mt Fuji had erupted
  • Me looking like I’d just ran a marathon

30:14 – Nathan has food poisoning for about five days, and while you can see him in some of the footage before this, he’d only leave the hotel room in the evenings.

30:50 – I deserved that.

31:07 – A missed opportunity for more dumb video effects.

32-27 – The gnarliest looking spiders were on this lantern, not that you can see them.

34:33 – We basically came to Kobe for the Kobe beef, so we were a bit worried we’d have nothing to do. Considering we basically picked a direction to walk in, we found ourselves plenty occupied. Would love to come back and just walk about the place.

35:43 – This was a ‘pop-up’ Pokémon Center. It wasn’t one we’d planned to visit!

38:07 – We were laughing at the ‘5678’ license plate, but I cut this video so you can’t hear us talking about Steps and Nathan just looks like an idiot.

38:09 – There were fish jumping out of the water, hence the prolonged interest in it.

39:14 – We picked the first restaurant advertising Kobe beef on the way back, and it seems we didn’t pick too poorly!

43:44 – The other thing Nathan wanted to do while he was in Japan was to buy some knives. He’s a chef though, not Gabe Newell.

44:41 – This sushi place was totally out of the way, but the prices were great at 100 yen per plate. Obviously not top quality stuff, but pretty darn good nonetheless. And hey, the return trip was pretty fun, too.

44:50 – For every five dishes you use, you get a chance to win a small toy. The animations are to show you if you win or lose, but the tablet is primarily for ordering food with.

47:17 – We ordered two cheesecakes and got one cheesecake and a chocolate cake. I sent it back on the train but they returned it, so I figured I’d protest in my own way.

48:53 – Some name badge we found on the floor. I think Nick kept it?

49:40 – One of the many trucks that drive around blasting idol music.

50:50 – I basically sucked because I wasn’t wearing the magic gloves provided.

51:25 – I think I’ve got close to half an hour of air hockey footage…

55:33 – One of the highlights of the trip. You were given 10 balls and had to get 6 through the hole to win one of the big prizes. Nathan had balls to spare, so he fired one into Iain’s box, giving him enough for a big prize. We assume they didn’t notice!

59:04 – This was a Miku hologram style performance of this song. I wasn’t meant to film it, so I got told off.

59:54 – I mocked them for continually saying ‘brand new vibe’, but hey, turns out it’s the name of their band. Here’s the song they played first.

1:01:00 – Tokyo Teleport station.

1:01:29 – Shakey’s Pizza sells pizza with super weird toppings, but it’s all you can eat and they’re pretty darn good. Chocolate pizza.

1:03:09 – Adam ate the remainder of Iain’s pizza as we didn’t want to waste any of it. Also: pizza coma is real.

1:03:55 – We spent quite a long time looking for the KitKat Chocolatory, but failed miserably. We did, however, find a pretty great Super Potato.

1:04:07 – We were in Ikebukuro, so most anime/manga related shops here are yaoi-focused. Check out Otome Road if that’s your kinda thing.

1:05:15 – No filming allowed inside the museum, but you can do what you like outside of it, in case you were wondering why we only filmed on the roof!

1:06:03 – There were loads of sketches on the wall of Miyazaki’s ‘office’.

1:07:34 – An old man suggested we walk through Mitaka park to the other train station. Glad we did, though a word of warning – the station we ended up using instead wasn’t on the JR line. Not a huge bother but consider that if you’re using a rail pass.

1:09:16 – This was a cicada shell, not an actual cicada!

1:10:12 – Yes, we went to Roppongi to see Godzilla. The jogging comment refers to an announcement we heard in Harajuku, forbidding people from jogging in the park.

1:13:49 – We split up on the last day. Me and Nathan decided to walk in a random direction while in Shinjuku and got caught in the typhoon. A shame we didn’t do this earlier, because there seemed like a lot of cool things outside the more arcade-y parts.

1:14:51 – Groove Coaster was pretty fun.

1:15:41 – We were basically here to do Kagaya and it turned out it was shut. A pretty good send out for the last day of the trip!

1:17:14 – The guy on TV didn’t seem too thrilled to have that washbasin dropped on his head over and over.


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